August 2016

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Monday, August 29rd, 2016

by Michael Kanis, Proven Process Sales Engineer

The delivery of certain medications through portable or implanted infusion devices can offer patients a degree of mobility and independence they could not otherwise enjoy. This would not be possible without meticulous controls to ensure patients receive the precise dosages prescribed at specified intervals.

Dosage control involves advanced fluid mechanics and software. Infusion device developers come to Proven Process Medical Devices seeking our high-level engineering expertise to make their products safe and reliable, and suitable for FDA approvals. Risk mitigation is also an important consideration in the design of infusion devices, the significance of which has only increased as device miniaturization pushes the proverbial envelope. Proven Process’ capabilities are well matched to these concerns, along with the development of new fluid pumping systems and technologies needed to offer improved precision for infusion pump devices.

As an independent consulting and contract manufacturing company, Proven Process Medical Devices is a rare breed in this industry. We are able to work closely on the development of device technologies alongside our customers, many of whom come to us with concepts for infusion products that require extremely small and tight dosage controls, including sub-1 microliter. Read the full article...

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