June 2016

proven process medical devices at mdmEast

Achieving Medical Device Security at MD&M East 2016

As healthcare services become increasingly interconnected, we can expect that medical devices may become targets for attack by cybercriminals. Stolen data presents an obvious threat to individual privacy, which alone is enough to cause concern. The medical device and healthcare industries need a proactive plan to combat cyberattacks that could compromise wireless devices' accuracy, safety and security.

While the need has been on the industry’s radar for years, regulatory action moves slowly compared to the development of new decryption schemes. Put simply, establishing cybersecurity standards for medical devices is remarkably complicated. Besides the usual IT challenges, medical devices are tightly regulated. Regardless, wireless protocols and standards are urgently needed to protect medical devices from data infringement and nefarious invaders.

The benefits of wireless medical device technology become more evident every day. From accurate and timely reporting to time savings and cost mitigation, both patients and care providers have much to gain from these latest advances. Proven Process will help ensure your medical device innovation employs the latest in wireless security technology to perform as intended from inception to commercial deployment. Read the full article here...

Be sure to visit Proven Process at MD&M East in New York (Booth # 1371) to speak with representatives about our medical device cybersecurity experience.

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