Facility Tour

We hope you find this virtual tour of our facility helpful and informative!

  • Welcome to Proven Process Medical Devices

    Welcome to Proven Process Medical Devices (PPMD). My name is Michael Kanis, Director of Sales. COVID-19 has changed the way we perform our sales functions. Pre-COVID, clients traveled from all corners of the country and some parts of the world to visit us to discuss their development projects and to vet our team and facility. To assist with that vetting, we have produced this short pictorial walk through of our facility.
  • Our Building in Mansfield, MA

    PPMD has a single 35,000-square-foot facility located in Mansfield, Massachusetts, just 30 miles south of Boston.
  • Our Lobby

    We begin in our lobby and administrative suite.
  • On our way to the labs....

    PPMD has two business units in this facility; medical device engineering and development and medical device manufacturing. There are six engineering labs and this hallway leads us to three active labs.
  • Lab 1

    Lab #1 is an engineering wet lab. PPMD has built hundreds of prototype devices and completed engineering testing on those devices. PPMD’s small 3D printers are housed in one area of this lab. Currently, all equipment for the transfer of an implantable drug delivery pump is staged in this lab. All of the equipment required to manufacture this pump will undergo a dry run and be assessed for any necessary improvements or updates to the customer-supplied equipment.
  • Lab 2

    This second wet lab houses our metal working/machine shop and environmental chambers where components are conditioned for mechanical testing. PPMD also has its metrology microscope, Instron, and numerous other mechanical test tools located in this lab.
  • Lab 3

    Lab #3 is PPMD’s electronics development lab where sophisticated RF generator electronics are tested, and PLC-controlled systems for bio and cell processing have been programmed and tested. The lower center image depicts a sophisticated open heart surgical device containing custom electronics and sophisticated software that control multiple pumps and fluid heating/chilling systems.
  • Lab 4

    Lab #4 is PPMD’s largest development lab. Engineers leverage this space to build larger prototype systems and perform testing on materials and sub-systems.

  • Materials Warehouse

    On our way to manufacturing, we pass through our warehouse where materials are received, quarantined, and stored in a controlled environment, keeping these materials safe and ready for assembly.

  • On to manufacturing...

    As mentioned PPMD is comprised an engineering development group as well a contract manufacturing group. This hallway leads us from the engineering labs towards the manufacturing side of the building.

  • Inspection Room

    Materials are transferred from our warehouse quarantine space to our inspection room where technologists inspect them with vision systems, hand tools, and state of the art 3D-coordinate measurement tools.

  • Manufacturing Floor

    This is one section of our manufacturing floor where we hand-assemble finished medical devices.

  • Manufacturing Floor

    This image shows off the cell-based layout of the manufacturing floor.

  • Assembly Area

    Top left: Assembly of valve bodies used in an implant product. Top right: A rack with surgical prep kits assembled and packaged in our clean room and staged for final packaging.

  • Laser Welding Lab

    PPMD utilizes a 5-axis laser to process welds including hermetic welds for implantable medical devices.

  • Clean Room

    Adjacent to our manufacturing oor and laser room is our clean room in which PPMD manufactures active and non-active implantables, disposables, cell processing equipment, various other devices, and

  • Commercial Manufacturing

    These images present one of our commercial manufacturing labs. In this lab PPMD produces a patient-specific, 3D-printed breast cancer surgery stencil. We capture the 3D MRI image from the cloud, produce the program and process this device through inspection, sterilization, and packaging.

  • Sterilization

    PPMD has the capability to steam sterilize and ETO sterilize products in house.

  • Engineering Bullpen

    PPMD has over 40 multidisciplinary engineers on staff including mechanical, human factors, electronic, software, manufacturing, and
    quality assurance engineers. Covid protocols have many of our people working remotely!

  • Engineering Bullpen

    This image shows the opposite end of our engineering offices and cubicles.

  • Return to the Lobby

    You have toured the entire plant and arrived back at our lobby! Here we display just a tiny portion of the work we have completed over the last 27 years.

  • Your tour is complete.

    Thank you for taking our virtual tour. If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will do my best to answer you inquiries quickly. I can be reached at (508) 261-0849 or at mkanis@provenprocess.com.