Proven Process to Manufacture Class II Medical Device

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 10:00

Mansfield, MA – April 27, 2016 – Proven Process Medical Devices, a global leader in the design, development, validation, and manufacture of Class II and Class III medical devices, announced today it has been selected to manufacture StepWatchTM, a Class II, scientifically validated, highly-accurate wearable device for Modus Health, LLC of Boston, MA.

Modus Health is a health technology company delivering clinical mobility solutions with a focus on patient populations with slow or irregular gait.  Modus Health’s proprietary technology platform is proven to provide unparalleled accuracy, including 98%+ accuracy even in these hard to measure populations.  Modus Health’s software solutions leverage the StepWatchTM data and analytics to inform clinical decision-making, improve efficiency for payers and optimize outcomes for patients.  With the health care landscape shifting to measurable outcomes and value-based payments, Modus Health is well positioned in this multi-billion dollar market. 

Proven Process will oversee manufacturing of the StepWatchTM technology from its facilities in Mansfield, Massachusetts. The company was selected for its deep experience in the medical device field and ability to support production of wearable medical device technology. Proven Process will leverage its full suite of services for commercial development of medical devices, from engineering and testing to project management and manufacturing the StepWatchTM and supporting Modus Health’s growth.

“As we increasingly rely on wearable health technology to do everything from monitoring our blood pressure to adjusting our caloric intake, companies like Modus Health are at the forefront of new innovations improving quality of life and enhancing patients’ comfort,” said Ken Fine, President and Co-founder of Proven Process. “We are excited for the opportunity to manufacture Modus Health’s Class II device that will help clinicians significantly improve patient mobility, recovery and overall health.”