Customer Testimonials

Medical Device Testimonial: Proven Process Medical Devices

“We chose Proven Process Medical Devices because of their experience in electrical engineering and developing systems that interact with human subjects. We found them fast, thorough, and very interactive. Proven Process actively involved us for our benefit and the benefit of the project.”

– Jim Niemi, Director of Engineering, Afferent Corporation


Medical Device Testimonial: Proven Process Medical Devices

“We are a start-up medical device company focused on Embolotherapy. Proven Process Medical Devices was an excellent choice for product validation. Their expertise in medical devices and their breadth of equipment were important. They had just what we needed. I recommend Proven Process to other companies.” 

– Peter Hamilton, Manager Operations, BioSphere Medical


Medical Device Testimonial: Proven Process Medical Devices

“We were impressed with their knowledge of electronics, experience with medical specifications, and ability to take on the entire scope of our project. Especially impressive was the amount of attention we received from the President of the company. Overall, Proven Process Medical Devices was easy to work with and delivered on what they promised.” 

– Dave Conti, Senior Program Manager, Boston Scientific Corporation


Medical Device Testimonial: Proven Process Medical Devices"I have been extremely impressed with the contract design and development efforts from Proven Process Medical Devices. A talented engineering team was assigned that quickly understood Hologic's design requirements and a robust project plan was implemented. Proven Process delivered a refreshed product that included state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical and software design updates. The design and transfer to manufacturing was truly a collaborative effort. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a development partner and I look forward to working with them again." 

– Jim Duronio, Director R+D, Hologic


Medical Device Testimonial: Proven Process Medical DevicesProven Process Medical Devices filled a void for us, getting our project started while we recruited our staff. Their experience with implantable medical devices was an important factor in selecting them for the project. We were comfortable with their design philosophy and quality systems. With their assistance we were able to get the design initiated and transferred to our staff.” 

– Barry Yomtov, Director of Engineering, MicroCHIPS Medical Devices


Medical Device Testimonial: Proven Process Medical Devices“Our overall experience with Proven Process Medical Devices has been extremely positive. In fact, we consider them part of our team. We like the fact that they can handle the entire program for us. We rely on their expertise for all our development work. Their knowledge, professionalism, ability to engineer and their internal quality control are outstanding. We will definitely continue to use them as we develop additional novel devices.” 

– Dennis Goldberg, President and COO, Transport Pharmaceuticals