Mechanical Engineering

A Medical Device Mechanical Engineer at Proven ProcessTo develop medical devices and equipment of the highest reliability, Proven Process’s mechanical engineers use sophisticated 3-D CAD modeling tools such as SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer for product design, and Ansys and Cosmos to perform Finite Element Analysis. Our capabilities include:

Electromechanical Mechanisms

Proven Process engineers have the experience, tools and flexibility needed to design simple mechanisms and sub-systems all the way up to multi-tiered, high-risk medical device machines.

Electromechanical Packaging

Proven Process provides E/M Packaging for nearly any product packaging requirement. Whether structural, functional, or aesthetic, Proven Process engineers collaborate on a broad range of approaches to develop the best solution for your unique needs and budget.

Sterile Packaging

Proven Process has the facilities, expertise and validated processes to develop sterile assembly and packaging for any kind of product.

Non-Sterile Packaging

We also offer the capability to develop a broad array of non-sterile packaging, working closely with you to ensure strict adherence to product specifications.

Fluid Handling and Pump Device and Equipment Development

Proven Process develops custom pump design and manufacturing solutions for specialized fluid handling, focusing on quality and reliability.

Catheter Development (Fixed and Attachable)

We develop implantable catheters for a broad range of fluid delivery systems, focusing on safety, reliability, and durability. We offer single and multi-lumen custom material extrusions and designs.

Implantable Materials Selection

Our materials specialists work closely with our design and manufacturing engineers to select implantable materials that consider tissue and allergic response, radiographic visibility, and other critical factors.

Finite Element Analysis

Our FEA capabilities enable us to calculate component displacements, strains, and stresses under internal and external loads.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

By simulating fluid passing through or around an object, we can predict the impact of such flows on your product's performance.

Sterile Single Use Devices and Disposable Accessories Development

Capabilities include cost sensitive plastic piece part/assembly design and complete mold tooling design. Tooling design capabilities include soft, low-volume tooling and high-volume, multi-cavity hardened steel tooling.