Systems Architecture Engineering

System Architecture Engineering helps ensure collaboration between the engineering disciplines while aligning their design paths in order to sustain completion of an effective and marketable medical device. Our systems engineers provide the structural definition of a complex device, including functional or structural relationships between its sub-systems, according to customer needs and technical requirements. With full traceability, along with early and comprehensive validation, our systems engineers collaborate cross functionally to produce innovative designs more quickly, reducing the need for costly redesigns that are often identified late in the development cycle.

Our System Architecture Engineering capabilities include:

A circuit board for a single-use medical deviceRequirements Engineering

Effective requirements engineering of complex products and systems ensures compliance with regulations and specifications while improving time-to-market and helping reduce overall costs. Our solution is to develop a process to capture the "voice of the customer" and translate that information into new products and their sub-systems – in a timely and efficient manner.

Systems Safety Analysis

Systems Safety Analysis targets the improvement of safety activities and their early integration into the design phase of products and systems. To manage all aspects of the safety assessment, and to comply with certification authorities and enterprise standards, both the functional (design aspect) and dysfunctional (safety aspect) modes of the system's behavior are collated and measured.

Systems Simulation

Proven Process systems engineers use computer simulations to execute and analyze systems or sub-systems models. These efforts are used to generate deterministic behavior and cost saving studies that lead to the best reuse of modular components. Proven Process maintains an experience database which contains mechanical, thermal, electrical, fluidic and control components, greatly improving collaboration between engineers of various disciplines.

Embedded Systems

Developing embedded systems is a complex task, not only due to the inherent risks involved with embedding systems, but also because of the complex multi-tiered design chains and multi-domain expertise involved. To aid in simplifying the process and minimizing risk, Proven Process has integrated embedded systems development solutions that help our engineers manage the systems engineering development process. Systems engineers can design, collaborate, simulate and validate their model-based embedded systems applications across multidisciplinary teams.