Medical Device Program Management

Medical Device Program Management Services fro Proven ProcessProven Process Medical Devices, Inc. is committed to providing thorough and comprehensive Program Management Services. Our experienced Program Managers leverage their skills and knowledge to navigate customers' development and manufacturing projects through the rigors of the ISO-13485 and FDA QSR  regulatory environment. The most current medical device program management techniques and tools are efficiently implemented.

The Program Manager integrates engineering talent, technology solutions and vended services into our project models ensuring that these resources are efficiently allocated, providing "Concept to Customer" solutions.

Each project is assigned a Project Manager. The Project Manager's responsibilities include scheduling, budgetary reporting, partner management and asset resource allocation. Supporting the Project Manager is the Engineering or Manufacturing Team Leader who is dedicated to one project only and he or she manages the workflow, vendor relations, technology development, task development and schedule.

The Team Leader interacts with the customer daily if required and in tandem with the Project Manager. He or she will be responsible for weekly scheduled formal project updates for all stakeholders. Proven Process principals are also included into our program management model as they are routinely updated by the Project Managers. Monthly management meetings are scheduled where higher-level scheduling, budgetary and technology issues are discussed.