Milestone, Cost and Metric Tracking

Milestone, cost and metric tracking for medical device developmentProven Process Medical Devices, Inc. leverages several metrics methods to ensure that development and manufacturing projects proceed on schedule and remain within proposed budgets. Critical milestones and the associated tasks for projects are established during our proposal process and initial project phase. Progress and performance measurements are defined, collated and communicated to all stakeholders.

Measurement is a crucial project component as the data collected and analyzed, informs project teams on the critical path adjustments needed to meet program requirements.

Product Development Program Managers continuously monitor project metrics dashboards which measure scheduled task completion performance, technical achievements, product performance milestones, regulatory compliance and costs vs. budgets. These metrics are communicated frequently with transparency to all levels of stakeholders, ensuring swift decisive alterations to a project model in order to achieve the expected milestones.

Manufacturing floor managers also monitor performance metrics for our contract manufacturing medical device production floor. The critical dashboard metrics implemented for our lean manufacturing group measure quality, on time performance, process costs, adherence to regulatory controls and continuous improvement efforts. Proven Process operates its manufacturing process with an open book policy. Our customers are urged to monitor our metrics, fostering a collaborative culture that continuously searches for process adjustments that lead to a high-value product built at marketable costs.